All-in-one platform for promotions and giveaways

Build excitement and get your audience's attention at events, conferences, and meetings, when you screen a real-time prize draw .

Announce the contest on the big screen

Use your presentation screen to display instructions for the prize draw. Show a live, 3-minute countdown. Your audience will love it!

Your audience uses their mobile devices to join

Event attendees use their mobiles to identify themselves and answer quiz or survey questions. Quickly, time's running out!

3, 2, 1! And the winner is...

The countdown ends, and you announce the winner with a drumroll and a shower of animated confetti. And the crowd goes wild!

Customize the giveaway for your event

CONTROL PANEL to edit your giveaway for live events. Design and prepare the prize draw in advance.

COMPATIBLE WITH 16:9 and 4:3 SCREENS. Optimized, responsive design for large presentation screens.

QUIZ MODE. Challenge the audience with questions about your presentation. Only the top scorers will enter the prize draw.

SURVEY MODE. Ask the audience to vote or evaluate different options. Show the results before the prize draw begins.

CAPTURE EMAILS. Add a field for participants to share their email address. With tools for GDPR compliance.

MULTIPLE PRIZES. Give away up to 8 different prizes so that every winner has a different reward.

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN. Choose a color theme to match your personal, business, or event branding.

CONTROL THE COUNTDOWN. Choose how long your audience has to take part - from 60 seconds to 5 minutes.

REMOTE CONTROL. The presenter can manage the prize draw and screen transitions from a handheld mobile device.

MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS. Bring excitement to fever pitch with our tailor-made background music and dramatic sound effects.

UP TO 1,000 PARTICIPANTS. You've got more than that? Now we're talking! Get in touch and we'll help make your event the best it can be. 

 I love Easypromos Live as a way to interact with attendees and evaluate their experience. As well as entertaining them and rewarding them! What's more, I can control everything that's happening on the screen from my mobile. It's easy and convenient.


Oscar Cumí

Speaker and Influencer Marketing expert

So... how much does it cost?


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Create a giveaway to share prizes from your brand sponsors.

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Finish up your presentation with a Quiz Mode giveaway. Find out how much your audience has really learned!


  Meetings, corporate events, and team-building activities.

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